Company Profile

Expertise in Critical Care Consulting, Billing and Recruitment

The Intensivist Company is an ICU-centric services company offering expertise in Critical Care consulting, billing and recruitment. We are a physician-owned, physician-led company whose services include:

  • Intensivist program consulting, financial modeling needs assessment, barriers and opportunities assessments, and implementation of a Leapfrog compliant Critical Care program
  • Comprehensive billing services and compliance programs for hospital based specialties
  • Recruitment solutions for hospitals, private physician groups, and institutional clients nationwide

Our mission is to provide high quality, cost effective, efficient critical care services. We offer to the patient: improved quality of care; to the physician: increased span of control, improved accountability and a responsive working environment; to the hospital: reduced cost of care, increased profitability, and a leapfrog compliant ICU.

The Intensivist Company provides support to hospitals and physicians in developing an Intensivist model that leads to successful implementation. The company is driven by evidence–based best practice guidelines and is measured by improved patient outcomes and increased volume.

We provide ICU consultations consisting of in-depth and distinct components scaled for each project. Most projects begin with an initial analysis of the current ICU, a financial analysis, an operations analysis of ICU flow/ throughput and a review of physician progress notes and documentation. Other components of our consult may also include:

  • Critical care opportunity assessment
  • Quality and economic improvement opportunity analysis
  • Critical care physician billing pro forma
  • Apache Database benchmarking of acuity
  • Operational and cultural readiness assessment
  • Assessment of staff and cultural receptivity, including in-depth interviews with hospital staff
  • Development of program implementation strategies

Our Financial Analysis is a “bird’s eye view” of a program’s financial picture that includes:

  • Comparison of current revenue vs. potential revenue with correct coding and documentation
  • Revenue comparison of current clinical model vs. potential Intensivist models
  • Revenue breakdown by payor mix
  • Coding, fee schedule, and reimbursement analysis
  • Comprehensive recommendations for financial improvement, including streamlined billing and claims processing and accelerated collections

For more information, visit the Intensivist Consulting website.

Intensivist Billing provides full service billing and seamless integration for both hospitals and privately owned physician practices. Our comprehensive menu of management services solves the dynamic clinical, financial information and billing service needs of critical care physicians.

Our billing, coding and documentation education programs and regular chart review consultations enable our providers to have clinically and financially successful Intensive care programs.

We assist providers in measuring, communicating and demonstrating to hospital administration the impact of a successful and well supported intensivist program and how that translates to patient quality of care and the to the hospitals bottom line.

Our billing specialists are experienced, and unsurpassed in quality and performance. They have special expertise in critical care coding and are dedicated to meeting the individual needs of the client.

We provide full–circle coding and documentation support for providers, enabling them to improve their records. We work hand in hand with practice managers and revenue managers.

We ensure a smooth billing process with advanced and up-to-date technology including a web based billing system with EHR integration.

Our process is designed to increase collections, eliminate red-tape and enhance the revenue stream.

We provide our physician clients with education and continuous feedback so they can accurately document and code their services so that they can be reimbursed for the high quality of work they perform.

Intensivist Billing has implemented a formal and comprehensive compliance program that follows the guidelines provided by the Office of Inspector General (OIG) as well as the Federal Sentencing Guidelines.

Intensivist Billing provides billing education sessions, physician report cards and forensic analysis. Our education programs evaluate practices using:

  • Claims forensics
  • Detailed coding reviews based on medical records
  • Assessment of over/under billing reimbursement
  • Detailed comparison of the current coding vs. clinical coding potential
  • Comparison of patient acuity based on medical records vs. chart documentation
  • Individual provider evaluations

For more information, visit the Intensivist Billing website.

Intensivist Jobs specializes in Intensivist staffing nationwide. Like the physicians we place, we are specialists. We understand the highly specific staffing needs of institutions, as well as the highly specific professional needs of our candidates.

Our exclusive focus on Critical Care staffing means that we can match candidates to institutions far more effectively than large generalist firms. It also means that you get personal, partner-level attention to help with your search.

Our results-driven recruitment methodology includes:

  • Analysis of your Critical Care opportunity
  • Review your positions compensation, workload and responsibilities
  • Comparison of your opportunity with Market needs, industry trends, manpower availability and best practice guidelines within Critical Care and HR.
  • Personalized viable recruitment strategies tailored to your program’s needs
  • Pre-screened, pre-vetted candidates: Each referred candidate ids presented with a complete review of their training and credentials, as well as personal, family and lifestyle needs.
  • We focus in each candidate’s cultural fit and potential retention.
  • Candidate references are fully checked and verified on a physician to physician basis.

For more information, visit the Intensivist Jobs website.